Connected Car

Connected Mobility

Progress in the mobility sector has attained a new dimension such that priority is being given to intelligent and connected systems that make travel more flexible, more environmentally friendly, and also more responsive to needs.

A seamless connection of users , vehicles and services over the internet facilitates a delightful experience to the users. We enable vehicles today to be connected with a wide range of available functions such as mobile internet, streaming services, location-based recommendations, real-time navigation, remote control, and technical status displays such as tire pressure or oil level. Preventive maintenance activities such as analysis of a vehicle's wear and tear data, timely planning of maintenance cycles, and workshop appointments can be done seamlessly.

We build web/mobile/tablet applications for harmonious and well-organized sales, after-sales, and service experience. While the customer end application solutions that Aximind provides such as android auto/car play help establish a connect with the customer and enhance their overall experience, the back-end applications such as Dealer Management System, Management Information System, Sales Performance Analytics, Dealer Visit Reports, etc help smoothen out the operations for manufacturers and dealers.

Our applications are (Customer Facing):
  • Sale inquiry Web/tablet/Mobile App (Product Portfolio, Product Comparison, Price Calculator, Test Ride setup, Enquiry registration, Online Booking)
  • Job Card (Service) Web/Mobile App (Customer Profile, Vehicle History, Service History, New Service Request, etc)
  • Connected Car App (Car Diagnostics, Driving Behaviour, Warnings, Alerts, Geo-fence, Nearby Dealers, SOS, Breakdown service, Driving score, Parking info etc)
  • Apple CarPlay App
  • Android Auto App
  • Official Brand Website/Portal

Backend Portals:
  • End to End Service - Web/Tablet App (RFID based Vehicle Identification, Service Inspection, Job Card assignment, Bay allocation, Spares Parts Inventory, Vehicle Quality Check, etc)
  • DVR Reports - Dealer Visit Reports
  • MIS Reports - Management Information System
  • Sales Performance Analytics
  • DMS - Dealer Management system

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