Industrial Revolution has caused many technological changes that today's enterprises have adopted to increase their competitive advantage and serve the customers well. Yet, there is a dearth of the need-of-the-hour tool that can seamlessly and intelligently help enterprises tide over the operational challenges.

Cognitive Science launched numerous technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, and Augmented reality giving an edge to automating the mundane tasks, increasing productivity, and bringing the business closer to where it starts. Automation encompasses not only simple, repetitive tasks, but also many sophisticated functionalities. However, even in systems where automation has replaced functionality previously performed by humans, the human is still a central player. As automation becomes "smarter" and more ubiquitous, it is paramount that the human interacts with the controlled systems safely and efficiently, to help prevent problems in human-automation interaction.

In the concept of Industry 4.0, human-centered automation is one of the milestones. The aim isn't to replace humans with a machine; it is to create a new type of interaction between the capability of machines and the flexibility of humans and this is where the Conversational AI bots come into play. Though industries like Retail, eCommerce, BFSI have adopted the bots for various significant processes, industries like manufacturing, energy, and utility are yet to know the right essence of the AI bots. Adopting the AI bots can be quite the game-changer for the industries as it offers simplified internal workflows, a real-time connection with the entire enterprise ecosystem also make specific niche processes more effective.

To provide human-centered automation, we at Aximind have developed a unique conversational AI bot, BHAINA™.

Bhaina™, a self-trained bot, is a functional interface that plays the role of a real-time connector between humans, sensors, robots, and data. Our bot has been specifically designed and trained for assisting the stakeholders of manufacturing, automotive, energy & utility, chemical, and oil & gas sectors.

The future - 5.0, will be a hybrid that involves both human and machine intelligence working in conjunction with the same shared goals and to satisfy the synergy for human-centered automation. Bhaina™ uses AI/NLP to understand and process the data gained from various sources and to help the stakeholders to ensure the tasks are managed efficiently with a minimum OPEX. Bhaina™ can be integrated with existing systems to provide reports on equipment metrics, inform on the trails of the supply chain, and many more.

BHAINA™ can chat with operators, technicians, engineers, dealers about daily workflows, technical problems, and process status.

Currently, Bhaina™ is capable of providing the following features:
  • Critical Alert Service
  • Inventory Management – stock-in to stock-out information
  • Order Fulfilment and Delivery
  • Invoice & Payment Information
  • Crucial Quality Control
  • Equipment Status – uptime, downtime or leak detection, pressure management
  • Predictive Maintenance

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