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Aximind Strategic Solutions is a business-driven company that drives innovation techniques to enhance the decision-making power of the business owners & helps enterprises by bringing cognitive science to the business world through artificial intelligence, data science, and computer modeling. We take a two-pronged approach - focusing on current needs and aligning our customers to face challenges of tomorrow. We strategize and amalgamate the solutions which can be a support system to the challenges for tomorrow. We are a data-driven design & analytics solutions provider that focuses on design strategy and full-stack user experience. Our solution approach consists of redesigning the data architecture, preparing visualization, and analytical models along with appropriate recommendations regarding the usage of the Internet of Things and Automation.

Digital transformation in recent years has been transforming our lives and the way we interact with our surroundings. It is connecting the universe and transforming physical objects around us into an ecosystem of information. While the consumer market continues to thrive with the emergence of Industrial 4.0, more and more enterprises are moving into the digital spectrum.


Industry 1.0 : Mechanisation

Mechanical production where steam-powered engines ease human labor.


Industry 2.0 : Electrification

Electric-powered machines aid assembly line and mass production.


Industry 3.0 : Automation and Globalisation

Introduction of computers and IT systems to automate production lines.

Industry 4.0 : Digitalization

IoT & AI/ML aids automated information sharing and decision making.


Industry 5.0 : Personalisation

Co-working between humans and robots (Cobots - collaborative robots).

Business Solutions

Future ready with our user-centric next-gen solutions

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality

The new digital era brings a revolution of modern technologies

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

A complete solution for the transport & logistics sector.

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Monitor your immovable assets from anywhere in real-time.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Simulation of real assets, processes, people, systems, and devices to anticipate potentially risky/critical operating conditions.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Effective predictive maintenance process can be instrumental in reducing maintenance overheads.

Data Insight

Data Insights

Prepare, contextualize, and normalize the enterprise data to build a data-driven enterprise.


Aximind helps you assess your current state and plan a smart industry transformation roadmap with milestones that align with your strategic business objectives.


With Aximind, get everything connected, capture real-time data, and generate data-driven actionable insights.

Custom Services

We provide services customized to your needs. Also provide access to our experts to augment your team and extend the capabilities of our technological expertise.

Maintenance & Support

Aximind not only makes new technology available to you for your strategic growth but also hand-holds you after the completion of the implementation.

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