Digital Transformation in recent years has been transforming our lives and the way we interact with our surroundings. It is connecting the universe and transforming physical objects around us into an ecosystem of information. While the consumer market continues to thrive with the emergence of Industrial 4.0, more and more enterprises are moving into the digital spectrum.

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Aximind is a deep tech innovation company that works with new era technologies to help enterprises bring cognitive science to the business world through artificial intelligence, the internet of things, immersive technologies for the manufacturing sectors. We take a two-pronged approach - focusing on current needs and aligning our customers to face tomorrow's challenges. We strategize and amalgamate the solutions which can be a support system to the challenges for tomorrow.

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Aximind develops enterprise applications by leveraging the power of emerging digital technologies to create business-specific solutions. Through technology, we help enterprises transform their traditional processes, reshape their efficiency and productivity, minimize cost, provide customer satisfaction, and reduce risk.

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Bhaina - The Remote Assistance for your Frontline Workers, Service Technicians and Customers

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) 

faced the most significant challenge during the Covid 19 crises. With limited travel restrictions and access to onsite facilities, productivity has been affected by the increase in downtime and untimely support, such as after-sales services or during the machine's unproductive hours.
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Bhaina, an AI-integrated Augmented Reality platform, provides the facility to connect the onsite or field technician to expert engineers, regardless of their location. Its in-built chatbot feature has deep learning AI models that give the technician instant access to step-by-step DIYs through interactive repair manuals and 3D/AR videos, training guides, and the ability for preventive maintenance.

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Emerging Technology services to help your business digitize, transform and increase customer experience.

Aximind helps develop and execute a digital growth plan, drive transformation propositions, and ensure short-term and long-term unparalleled technology advancement and reformation in the current unproductive processes. In addition, we will strategize and bring the emerging technologies to create a differentiator platform to enhance productivity, reduce the cost and risk and focus on the ROI.

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