Augmented Reality Solutions for Commercial Vehicle


Augmented Reality Solutions for Commercial Vehicle

A Renowned Commercial Automotive firm from Australia has leveraged an Innovative Independent Platform (Mobile Version) using Augmented Reality for its Commercial Vehicles to give self-service and DIY experience to the users.

  • Challenges : Companies face challenges when it comes to the service, repair and maintenance. The challenges are usually in shortage of experts, complex procedures, ticketing queue and customer dissatisfaction.
    The project's first phase was to give the users a seamless experience to eradicate the long waiting times for connecting with a service technician and confirming all the plausible checks. The user will also know the assets health and performance information through the AR mobile application, including the relevant threshold values.

  • Approach : Aximind developed the mobile/tablet-based application by providing a QR scan operation (wherever applicable) and an image processing of the vehicle assets through machine learning and augmented reality. The first beta phase was developed by integrating an inbuilt Augmented Reality application for the users, accessible through their mobile phone and using a tablet. The phone/tablet camera was able to display the vehicle layout and detect the assets' hotspots to give a view with real-time superimposed digital information to the user. A self-guide in the form of readable content, stepwise DIYs, and videos help guide with a digital manual, allowing the user to access the information on the vehicle's assets, mainly to know the threshold or conduct the repair and maintenance work from anywhere, any point of time.

  • Impact :
    ● The aim was to provide users with a seamless experience and make better relations between customers and manufacturers.
    ● A complete digital customer service experience reduced the wait cycle time of users to half.
    ● Through AR, the users received a real-time virtual experience, and the AR hotspots access gave the users know-how of the battery, fuel tank, engine,

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