Aximind Strategic Solutions 

is a business-driven company that works with Emerging Technologies and drives innovation techniques to enhance the decision-making power of the business owners. We strategize and amalgamate solutions that can support the challenges for tomorrow while being focused on customers' current needs. We develop Smart Solutions powered by Industry 4.0. We want to provide blue-collar and white-collar workers the right technology platform to help them succeed in their workplace with the right productive and collaborative tools.


, our Remote Assistance AI-integrated AR/VR platform, is not just a platform but a companion for all those working in the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul sector. Our goal is to make Bhaina every stakeholder's go-to buddy (whether a service technician or an end customer) for any inspection, repair, or maintenance process.

Our Mission

Preparing enterprises for the next phase of business challenges through cognitive science & design principles.

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Our Vision

Be the most innovative, efficient, and customer-driven company providing advanced technology products and solutions for a great customer delight.

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Our Culture

It is a company where everyone stands equal, be it for the success, celebration, or not-so-good days.

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Meet Our Team

Sangeeta Panigrahi

CEO & Founder

“Sangeeta founded Aximind in 2019 to assist business problems across the manufacturing sector and create new emerging technology products around Industry 4.0. Bhaina, the flagship product, is her brainchild.
She is an avid fan of the Chelsea club, and football matches inspire her strategies.“
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"Great Things are never done by One Person. A Team of People does Them."
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