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We transform enterprises
through Cognitive Science and Design Principles

Aximind Strategic Solutions is a business-driven company that works with new era technologies and drives innovation techniques to enhance the decision-making power of the business owners. Aximind helps enterprises by bringing cognitive science to the business world through artificial intelligence, data science, and computer modeling. We strategize and amalgamate solutions that can be a support system to the challenges for tomorrow while being focussed on customers’ current needs.

We develop Smart Solutions powered by IoT technologies that revolve around data exchange between processes and Artificial Intelligence that help businesses quickly gain insights from that data. These Smart Solutions are integrated into the enterprises thereby enabling the industries to provide real-time insights, meet challenging demand, provide a seamless supply chain, and support the value chain of a product as well as that of the end customer.


Preparing enterprises for the next phase of business challenges through cognitive science & design principles.


Be the most innovative, efficient and customer driven company providing world-class products and solutions for a great customer delight.


It’s a culture of enthusiasm, togetherness, and willpower, born from the roots in eastern India and inspired by the history of many organizational leaders.

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