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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry is one of the trendsetters and customer-centric industries among manufacturing industries. The technology trends in the Automotive sector account for the changing consumer behavior, develop partnerships and drive transformational change.

Industry Focus:
  • Mobility
  • OEMs
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Tire

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry brought to fore four trends in the game-changing digital disruption: Diverse Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles, and Connectivity. The rise of these disrupting trends will pave way for various degrees of behavioral shift and changing priorities. Connectivity and autonomous technology help passengers and drivers to use their freed-up/transit time in other essential/personal activities. Similarly, the rise of electric mobility and autonomous driving has increased the demand for innovation in the Tire sector leading to having a highly flexible and competitive tire production.

With the increase in digital innovation in this sector, OEMs need to align with a cohesive platform and processes to enable consumer value, data privacy, easy maintenance, and continuous product updates. Furthermore, manufacturing these vehicles or building of the parts, including the tire manufacturers, require consistent solutions to optimize their factories’ availability, reduce their TCO and enhance the go-to-market strategy. This is where technology like AI/ML, IoT, and Big data comes into the picture helping the manufacturers and OEMs to optimize various parts thereby giving a qualitative advantage to the end-user along with creating an autonomous and connected supply chain.

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