Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

The Industrial Revolution in the Chemical Industry or Chemistry 4.0 is enhancing and inventing digitally equipped products and solutions, making smarter production, stronger customer relationships, and faster innovation, helping a sustainable and reliable future.

Industry Focus:
  • Petrochemical
  • Commodity Chemical
  • Agro Chemical
  • Consumer Chemical

Increasing the Digital presence opens up new opportunities for the chemical industry along with a seamless way to produce and maintain the entire value chain within a Chemical Enterprise from sourcing, procurement to inventory optimization. Chemical companies are transforming their business models to be more customer-focused than to sell chemical products. The digitalization is helping such companies to improve their product line with a digitally equipped solution and to come closer to their customers.

The usage of plant and process automation using IoT and AI helps the plants, processes, assets and resources for creating sustainable growth for the future. Today the Chemical Industry is producing a massive amount of data through IoT sensors, RFIDs, or from the machines, this data needs to be leveraged for preparing the right strategy for the enterprise.

At Aximind, we have prepared solutions using Edge and Cloud Computing to make use of the data in the right way, from extracting future information from the historical data to prepare optimization models which can help areas like inventory and transportation. Our analytical models have helped Petrochemical companies to tackle process, plant and asset-related challenges by making real-time visibility on the production levels, conforming the data and providing operational level insights to the stakeholders through visualization dashboards, predicting the downtime and failure rates of different kinds of assets such as pumps, valves, turbines. Apart from this, we have solutions which can help the plant personnel to access the site for remote inspection, repair and maintenance.

Our solutions have been designed to increase productivity, uptime with having safe and flexible production sites helping to make a Smart Plant for faster engineering and reducing the processing time. We help maximize the asset uptime using our Cognitive methods of data computing.

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