Cloud computing for running a business remotely

Cloud computing for running a business remotely

Advantages of Cloud computing for running a business remotely

The future doesn’t ask where you work from anymore, allowing more organisation to access remote working. Due to the pandemic, remote working has significantly accelerated and became the “new normal” for many businesses, small or large.

More than 74% of Indians prefer working remotely post the pandemic, and several new technologies are making it increasingly possible. From different online messaging apps to augmented data centres with cloud, and securing data from outdated and cyber attacks with SaaS solutions, making it simpler for employees to join forces without working in one location.

Working remotely and adopting Cloud Computing

To make remote workers productive, actively connected, retain resources and secure them makes cloud-computing the best shift. According to the survey of CIOs from the brokerage firm Instinet, 68% of respondents found cloud services to become a requisite by 2021.

Data shift to the cloud creates a greater reliance across the industries for better data backup, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, testing, software development and big data analytics. With more and more people working from home, cloud migration helps with work efficiency, seamless migration and collaboration globally in minutes.

Businesses can choose to migrate completely to the cloud in either a single platform or a multi-cloud strategy or use a hybrid cloud infrastructure with a mix of cloud and on-prem servers. It’s completely customisable to the different needs of the organisation.

Advantages of Cloud computing for remote working

According to the WSJ, cybersecurity industries saw a rapidly accelerated push to cloud-based services. The article stated “The pivot to working from home highlights the benefits of cloud-based services that can quickly scale up defences around decentralized employees, they say. That could prove to be an opportunity for some companies when the shocks caused by the pandemic’s spread recede.”

Even before the pandemic, the article stated that the Garner Inc. analyst estimated the market for cloud and software-based software tools to increase by 17% in 2020.

Businesses across the globe saw an infinite amount of advantages of cloud computing. Wondering how your business can profit from cloud-based services?

Here are the significant benefits of cloud technology for all businesses- especially for those working remotely :

  • Effortless accessibility : Usually, the businesses opening on their data centre requires to take their assets offline for maintenance. Whereas cloud services allow 24/7 access to the data for remote employees to continue their work. It’s not everyone who can access the organisation data, the cloud makes it easier to control access to specific data resources. The admins can even set secure identity and access policies to ensure the right person gets permission to access and others don’t. Businesses can set up these settings remotely, ensuring both new and current remote employees have access to data that’s required for their work.
  • Increase scalability : An organisation with infrequent changes in demand or critical industries undergoing severe unsteady difficulties, cloud computing can allow increased flexibility that most on-site hardware can’t render.
    Rather than buying more servers, software licenses and supporting more data storage to maintain business growth, you can just rent more storage space in the cloud, acquire more bandwidth and increase access to software programs.
    Whenever infrequent changes in demands take place, you can just reduce the service that’s no longer required and thereby, reduce your overall expenses. With changes in your business, like more demand increase again or organization growth, you can add more access to allow more work and employees to work on the business.
  • Save Money: On-premise servers can be extremely expensive for a business to purchase and store. With every hardware and software you use, you pay a significant amount of money and there’s still the cost of data recovery.
    From investing in the several hardware to the personnel needed for infrastructure maintenance, on-site storage costs are quite a lot. With cloud computing, businesses can share server space and costs with other cloud users, resulting in more efficient use of the equipment and lower cost. You don’t require to pay for extensive on-site infrastructure or invest in hardware with the cloud.
  • Improved Security: The biggest advantages of cloud services are their enhanced cybersecurity when it comes to extensive data storage. Cloud services work on a shared responsibility model, that is ensuring the complete security of the cloud while allowing the user to implement several safety acts to secure their account’s data.
    For instance, AWS, and Azure allows businesses to design specific security measures like setting up user permission, encrypting data and other strong measures to prevent any violation of security.
  • Allow collaboration : Cloud computing allows remote workers to stay connected and productive regardless of their working location. The freedom to effortlessly communicate and share via the cloud improves the work quality and increases more project completion. The benefits of cloud collaboration are several such as enhanced control over projects, better coordination and synchronization, real-time updates, improved brainstorming and facilitate communication.
    The transition work collaboration often involves numerous emails back and forth for discussion and keeping everyone in the loop. Making it more work and less action taken from the team, ending up different versions of the project. Cloud computing on the other hand simplifies and arranges the group collaboration, making it easier for multiple workers to collaborate from centrally stored files.All tailored for your business needs, helping both the employees and business to grow and optimise spending and preparing you for future changes.

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