How a remote assistance platform can save up to 40% travel cost

a remote assistance platform can save up to 40% travel cost

How a remote assistance platform can save up to 40% travel cost

It is eminent in the MRO sector travel cost is one of the highest expense incurring. Every stakeholder associated with the sector wants to reduce that cost and have added Automation and AI to redeem the travel cost. However, with Covid-19 and travel restrictions, the impact on the MRO sector has a significant disadvantage.

The technology adaption for remote working has increased. Every company is finding its way around by giving their employees a remote working space and tools to ensure the business runs as usual. When we are talking about Remote working, why should the MRO sector stay behind? However, MRO has its challenges and pitfalls; the work is not that easy. A field technician connects with an expert only on critical issues. If the issue needs to be diagnosed, the inspection and repair happen in real-time after the expert engineer travel to the site location. The process turn-around is sometimes impeccable, and the cost and risk are high, affecting productivity directly.

Through Industry 4.0, factories have started adopting smarter technologies to improve their efficiencies, reduce risk and improve the production rates. Augmented Reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR) supported the industrial revolution by bringing the real and virtual world together. Today, through Augmented Reality, it is possible to assess any inspection, maintenance or repair of any asset or remove those complex assembly line problems without delay. Regardless of their location, an expert engineer can help/guide a field or site technician or anyone for that matter, in no-time.

"Remote Assistance" platform through Immersive Technologies play a vital role, by assisting almost all industry verticals. It has reduced the OPEX for the MRO sector by reducing the overall cost, increasing the operation speed and reducing the downtime. When a company needs to operate the MRO services traditionally the cost of travel, hiring or engaging an expert and repairing the machine/asset on time and if required training, adds up to be a massive burden. Now imagine the value on year on year basis. When a company adds a technology advantage solution over a period, the traditional cost diminishes by less than half.

Aximind's product "Bhaina" an AI integrated AR/VR platform can help reduce the added MRO expenses by providing seamless real-time communication between the site technician and an expert engineer, remotely. Our product has helped our clients reduce their OPEX, give their employees a remote working experience, reduce site technicians' downtime, and connect the expert engineer to solve the critical production challenges.

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