How Digital Twins are impacting various industries


How Digital Twins are impacting various industries

Industry 4.0 is on its way to connecting the physical world with the digital world. In the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, “Digital Twin” is always at the forefront, playing its role and impacting the industry. The advanced data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) facilitated the emergence of this new technology. A physical or a virtual twin (Digital Twin) can help to overcome the challenge of IoT and data analysis smooth integration. Digital Twin technology enables fast and precise analysis making it possible for the decisions to be taken in real-time.

So, what is a Digital Twin and how can it help us? A Digital Twin is simply a virtual operation, product or service model. By combining virtual and physical environments we can constantly monitor the systems and identify the problems right before they arise. Digital Twin technology can be used to avoid downtime, improve the processes and identify future opportunities by using simulations.

It has been concluded by research in manufacturing that creating a Digital Twin will help to reduce production costs by more than 50% for the next generation of machines.

Digital Twin Applications :

  • Manufacturing : Digital Twin applications are changing the current face of the manufacturing industry by increasing the output performance time and reducing throughput time. By using a Digital Twin, you can develop a new product variant by simply analyzing the data inputs and thus avoiding product restoration. You can also always model various situations and discern the areas which need to be changed. To learn more about digital transformation techniques in manufacturing check the predicted maintenance solutions by Aximind.
  • Automotive Industry : In the automotive industry Digital Twin can be used to build a virtual model of a connected vehicle. It can track the operating data of a vehicle and facilitate the analysis of vehicle performance impacted by multiple parameters. Having a Digital Twin makes it possible to constantly test and enhance vehicles to meet government regulations. Check more solutions for automotive clients on Aximind Fleet Management page.
  • Asset Management : Traditionally, asset management has been a time-consuming day-to-day activity but with the help of new technologies it can now be done in a faster and more cost-effective way. Using Digital Twins today helps corporations to concentrate on their money and plan the future of their assets easily.
  • Smart Cities : Using IoT and Digital Twin technologies in urban planning will help to create more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable cities. Digital twin city not only provides insights regarding the design process but also creates a physical counterpart, which can dynamically change in real-time and enable the architects to foresee any potential problem.

    There is no doubt that Digital Twin technology will impact many industries in the nearest future. More and more enterprises are keen to implement this technology and we at Aximind create customized Digital Twin solutions for various needs. Digital Twin is becoming a standard feature for IoT application enablement, try it now to experience all its benefits.

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