Manufacturing Industry

Industry revolution brought smart manufacturing, which enables real-time operations through IoT, Big Data, Analytics. This helps to build greater efficiency and better relationships between producers, suppliers and customers.

Industry Focus:
  • Steel
  • Industrial Products
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Retail Products

Smart manufacturing implies digitally connecting factories with a network of machines, not only to automate but to learn processes independently, adapt to change, generate orders, understand quality issues and even assign tasks to other machines, or devices. By adopting and implementing smart technologies, manufacturers can increase productivity efficiently and ensure sustainability. This will help increase uptime and performance while reducing overhead, operating, and capital costs. As manufacturers have adopted industrial IoT (IIOT), there are too many sensors and devices and thus too much data to rely on manual processes.

Aximind's real-time solutions developed through IoT, Edge Computing and Advanced Analytics to provide an end-to-end system to monitor the factory floor, share automatic feedback, including monitoring the health of the assets, processes along with providing equipment failures or signs of stress remotely. Aximind has also developed a Manufacturing Bot - Bhaina™, specially designed for the manufacturing sector. The bot is integrated into the solutions to provide alerts and real-time insights across the stakeholders including plant operators, production managers and senior leaders. Our manufacturing solutions help to reduce downtime, improving product quality, increasing factory output and meeting other business-driven goals. These intelligent systems automate data collection and move processing and analytics closer to where the data is born. This eradicates the barrier of sending everything for processing to corporate and cloud data centers. Hence it helps to take immediate actions to optimize everything from machine performance, equipment maintenance to supply chains, logistics and factory security.

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