Mining Industry

Mining Industry

The seismic shift in the Mining & Metal industry brings the Digital Revolution helping to adopt new business and operating models.

Industry Focus:
  • Minerals-Ore
  • Coal
  • Precious Metals
  • Others

Digital transformation in Mining is arising as a driver of extensive change in the world around us. Technology has the potential to enable millions of people while providing enterprises with unmatched opportunities for innovation. For the mining and metals industry, digitalization brings the newer way through which the companies will communicate with their production, processes and employees. Digitalization for the mining and metal industry, offers a more agile and profitable business, with improved decision-making impacting the entire value chain from mineral exploration and valuation, through Mining, ore processing and metals production, to downstream sales and distribution.

At Aximind, our solutions help the leaders in this industry to confront the significant challenges within the industry such as declining ore grades, safety concerns and volatile commodity prices, to improve operational excellence and embrace technological advances and innovations.

Through Cognitive Science and design principles, we at Aximind have developed solutions to digitize the plants, machinery and processes(material handling to inspection to logistic control) with end-to-end data analysis helping the stakeholders right information at their finger-tips in customized and user-friendly dashboards. Aximind's Real-Time and ML ready solutions help a field technician or plant operator to the leaders to accomplish strategic business insights from their current or historical data. Our product, Bhaina, the chatbot, also helps with the alert systems to inform the relevant stakeholders about the performance, health status and processes information at a given time.

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