Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Technological disruption in the Oil & Gas business is introducing new ways of dealing with the products and processes along with reshaping the operating ecosystem by improving productivity, increasing efficiency, and reducing the cost.

Industry Focus:
  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • Upstream
  • Downstream

Oil & Gas industry has evolved quickly in terms of Digital Technology adaptation. One of the customer-driven industries, Oil & Gas sector impacts other industries directly or indirectly through production, operation & transportation. Harmful emissions and concern on safety and sustainability have been a constant challenge for the industry. Digital Technology has helped the Oil & Gas sector to gain more reliable, safer, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for the entire value chain - Upstream, Midstream to Downstream as well from the Offshore to Onshore facilities. The Oil & Gas industry is a process, employee, and data-driven sector. Hence, a rapid adaption to IIoT, Data Analytics, and Big Data solutions has taken place.

At Aximind, we have prepared solutions to fit the specific areas and challenges within the Oil & Gas sector. For example, for onshore drill rigs and production plants which is an asset-heavy division, we have solutions to monitor these assets in real-time. Our ML algorithms are developed by breaking the data silos and building solutions to optimize the performance of the equipment, processes, and predict asset failures. We also have a solution for offshore, using IoT and Augmented Reality to monitor, inspect, and repair any asset remotely. The solution enables us to assist any Site Technician remotely from anywhere with relevant information and real-time instruction sharing. Our deep-dive data management and advanced analytics also support end-to-end operations to the Oil & Gas personnel to know the business insights at a given point of time.

Our solutions are specially designed and developed to support Oil & Gas enterprises with their digital presence through connected systems, be data-oriented, and get real-time insights. These solutions have improved productivity, enabled safety, and sustainability with reduced cost for the enterprises where it has been used.

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