Power and Utility

Power and Utility Industry

Digital Transformation led a revolution in the Power & Energy sector, not only AI helped to unleashed some of the positive developments but also transformed the customer engagement and its operations.

Industry Focus:
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Hydro Power
  • Thermal Power
  • Smart Lighting

Digital disruption has transformed the entire power sector from power generation to consumption. Smart energy is bringing new ways to manage electricity. The new era of distributed energy is helping find unique ways to produce, store and manage power. Smart technologies are used to generate power through coal, water, etc. and distribute it to cities, towns, villages, etc.

At Aximind, we have created solutions and found unique patterns and information using the IoT, Cloud Computing and AI/ML along with machine learning and data analytics to manage the large amount of data that this sector generates at each of the value chains.

We have used the data generated by the power plants to prepare Usage Forecast, Load Forecast, and Demand Management, which has helped our clients to monitor and prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges or to deal with catastrophic events. Apart from this, unique solutions like predictive maintenance to increase the uptime and reduce overall maintenance costs, Smart Lighting, Yield Optimization has also helped clients to increase efficiency and energy production as much as ~20%.

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