Remote Asset Management

Remote Asset Management

Monitor your immovable assets from anywhere in real-time with a cloud-based application with features such as alert system, machinery health & downtime planning, control & troubleshooting features, etc. thereby reducing the downtime and expenditure in the operations.

Augmented Reality is helping to digitally transform the working culture of Remote Asset Monitoring by increasing efficiency in the business processes, troubleshooting maintenance, knowledge exchange, and training.

Aximind works with Cloud Computing, IoT, and AR capabilities to provide a seamless experience to the field service technicians, remote assistance supervisor, OEM partners, and other stakeholders so as to assist in any kind of system inspection, troubleshooting or training process from anywhere at any point of time.

Our applications are:
  • Remote Troubleshooting Application
  • Remote Repair and Support – See what the Site Technician sees!
  • Real-time Inspections
  • Sharing the documentation or fact sheets in real-time
  • Uninterrupted support and feedback
  • True data simulation in real-time for easy understanding

Capture real-time data from various assets across diverse locations and monitor their health remotely to sense deviations and act proactively in order to avoid anomalies and failures. Intelligence to identify the nearest available mobile field teams is inbuilt into the system to help personnel plan better and act fast.

  • Real-time Hands-free Communication
  • Live Video Feed
  • Sharing Functionality
  • Complete Tasks Faster
  • Increase Productivity
  • Alert Systems
  • Cost Reduction

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