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Renewable Energy

Smart technologies are transforming the Renewable Sector by various process automation, remote access/control of solar cells, power monitors for wind farms, etc. This helps in overall cost reduction and creates a sustainable environment.

Industry Focus:
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass Plant
  • Geothermal Plant

Digital transformation influences the production and maintenance of the renewable energy sector which otherwise faces many challenges. The wind energy sector, for example, has suffered countless hours due to unplanned downtime, operational inefficiency, and inaccurate prediction. This has resulted in poor asset health. These problems have led the business leaders to think innovatively and bring the IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence to increase a data-driven approach to managing the assets, risk, and making informed business decisions.

At Aximind, we have prepared critical algorithms and solutions to monitor the power plants. This allows us to visualize real-time readings of operation in an effective way. Our solutions have helped wind turbine operators and technicians to diagnose and resolve the assets issues and other faults remotely and ensure timely detection of anomalies.

Our solution on forecasting has helped our clients to have a data-driven analytical model to predict various KPIs in the wind farm, which has helped them to understand the changing weather patterns, asset performance, overall production efficiency, etc. Our sensors monitor generators and burners in real-time and send data back over a cloud-based system to a central data pool, from where the structured and unstructured data is analyzed automatically by our analytical model to provide in-depth insights in real-time. The analytical models and the AI application helps in bringing down the operating costs significantly thereby increasing the lifetime of the assets.

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