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Digital Consulting Experts

Aximind helps you assess your current state and plan a smart industry transformation roadmap with milestones that align to your strategic business objectives. We design an effective data strategy to manage your IoT data and ensure short & long-term analytics objectives are met with scalable information models, semantic definitions and ontologies focused on unlocking the value hidden in your existing data and technology investments.

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With Aximind, get everything connected, capture real-time data and generate data-driven actionable insights. We evaluate your network readiness, automate the set-up and configure industrial device connectivity. We deploy the required software to the designated private/public clouds or data centers while also providing online and private individualized product training for the same.

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Custom Services

We provide services customized to your needs and problems. We also provide you access to our experts to augment your team and extend the capabilities of our technological expertise.

  • Web, Mobile App
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise/Operation Management
  • Business Process Automation

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Maintenance & Support

Aximind not only makes new technology available to you for your strategic growth but also hand-holds you after the completion of the implementation to support stakeholder adoption and performance improvement. We help you access the technology adoption and its value impact while also managing new feature requests, support cases and incorporating lessons learnt and best practices.

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Developing a plan that is custom-built for your business.