Digital Twin

Simulation of real assets, processes, people, systems, and devices is essential to anticipate potentially risky/critical operating conditions/behaviors. Digital Twin can help industries to model the operational technology to improve asset performance, production yields and maintenance, predict failures, and delays in order to improve quality and efficiency.

Digital Twin connects the real and virtual world helping industries like automotive, manufacturing, or energy & utility to manage the physical assets by creating a digital copy without the hassle of going through a physical prototype and thereby saving a tremendous amount of cost.

In Aximind, for creating a copy of the physical assets, the digital copy is prepared by using the enormous data collected by the sensors. This data is stored in the decentralized or centralized cloud servers making it easy to retrieve and further understand the key attributes and parameters. Further, the data is programmed and simulated through IoT and AI to prepare the digital copy. The integration of the data helps in various fields like – optimizing the performance of real assets, creating a virtual model of a vehicle, a machine, or an entire production plant. The digital twin solution is made by collecting actionable insights from the physical world for informed decision making which helps the lifecycle of products and production operations.

Aximind works in a single data model that helps us to amalgamate the various linkages in the Digital Twin from the product, process, and performance. This aids to increase the virtualization concept and assists the clients in knowing the merits of this technology. We have developed virtual models to help the designers in the car and tire industry by creating a simulated world for them to check and verify the working model for designing an innovative product.

Types of Digital Twins:


Asset Twin

Example: Turbine, Motors, Compressors, MRI Machines etc.


Component Twin

Example: Rotor, Blade, Bulb etc.


System Twin

Example: Crude Unit, Power Plant, Manufacturing factory etc.


Process Twin

Example: Manufacturing Process, Automation Process, Supply Chain etc.

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