Warehouse Management

Automate the warehouse with full-fledged solutions offering day to day solutions to handle storing, shipping, inventory control, order fulfillment process along with employee and other warehouse operations.

Aximind’s Warehouse Management Solution tracks and maintains each and every record helping you know which product is sitting in the warehouse for how many days and when you need to make arrangements to empty those old stocks which are not saleable. Our tool is built to give each individual item a seamless journey as they flow through the warehouse from receipt to shipment.

The data-driven warehouse management tool tracks, monitors, and controls the life cycle of each item an industry procures. The warehouse fulfillment process is a seamless experience for a stakeholder to manage the inventory in real-time, along with optimizing and predicting the stock in’s and stock-outs which can be accessed from any device.

The tool is an IoT integrated device, designed to be a stand-alone system or modules in a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or can be integrated into the supply chain system with cloud solutions.

Depending on client needs, Aximind usually prepares two levels of asset visibility :

  • Rack level tracking: Taking advantage of infrared (IR) ability to localize or pinpoint asset location in a specific rack, this approach makes it possible to track your assets down to the rack level.

  • Zonal level tracking: This system provides open-rack and closed-rack Data Centres with general room-level location information.


  • Customizing workflow and picking logic for optimized inventory allocation.

  • Inventory tracking using radio-frequency identification (RFID), automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and barcode scanners to make sure that goods can be found easily when they need to move.

  • Shipping enables to send bills-of-lading (B/L) ahead of the shipment, generate packing lists and invoices for the shipment and send advance shipment notifications to recipients.

  • Receiving and put away allows inventory put away and retrieval, often with pick-to-light or pick-to-voice technology to help warehouse workers locate goods.

  • Picking and packing goods, including zone picking, wave picking and batch picking. Warehouse workers can also use lot zoning and bloglist interleaving functions to guide the pick-and-pack tasks in the most efficient way.

  • Labour management.

  • Yard and dock management.

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