Fleet Management

Supply Chain Management

The need to have a real-time supply chain visibility is higher now than ever before. Supply Chain Management is instrumental for the suppliers to track every minute detail in the value chain of the entire supply ecosystem. Having an autonomous process in place will allow stakeholders to optimally and seamlessly manage the sourcing & procurement, inventory, and logistics processes.

For Supply Chain Analytics, Aximind aims to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Aximind provides a complete solution for the value chain starting from Sourcing, Inventory Optimization, Procurement to Pay, Distribution, and Logistics. Through Demand Forecasting, we help to collate the historical data and work collaboratively to identify the SKU’s frequency and risk parameters. This also helps us to facilitate revenue growth, improve profit margins, and manage our clients working capital. Through the predictive modeling technique, we synchronize demand with the sources of supply and further execute efficient measuring and monitoring of the inventory levels together as a connected system instead of working on the modules as a Silo machine.

Digitization of the supply chain in the form of a connected system helps the manufacturers to understand the precise needs of customers, bridge the supply chain gaps, focus on accountability, innovate revenue streams and improve the whole customer experience across the industry.

  • Reduce inventory and release cash and conduct root cause analysis for excess.
  • Find the fraud in P2P cycle by three-way and two-way match process to reconcile.
  • Optimize freight utilization by improving loading levels and routing, reducing the cost to serve and improving service levels.

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