Water Industry

Water Industry

Akin to the technological revolution in other industries, the water industry has also embarked on a journey of digital transformation. End-to-end digitalization helps the water industry to meet the challenges of providing clean water while maintaining economical and efficient operations.

Industry Focus:
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Desalination Plant

Water being the most precious resource on our planet, the Water Industry is one of the most critical industries. However, with increasing environmental changes, making clean water available at economical operating costs is a challenge. Through the digitalization of plants and processes, a greater level of transparency can be brought in thereby helping identify the potential for optimization and savings.

Aximind understand these challenges and has devised a solution to mitigate the problems associated with the optimization of energy efficiency, avoiding water loss, reducing contamination of water bodies, and taking the required preventive maintenance measures. In tune with the need of the hour, we advise our clients for cloud-based solutions which can help them to have a remote control center for remote inspection of the assets especially pumps, water tanks, hydraulic machines, and membranes.

For some clients where data collected from various sources such as sensors, water meters, and SCADA systems went unutilized, Aximind has put in place a thorough system to gain key insights from the data. Aximind has distinctly developed a software solution through digital twin, advanced data analytics, and data mining on the historical data to predict future outcomes and has created visualization dashboards on important KPIs for the stakeholders. These KPIs come handy for the project managers and plant operation leaders in multiple ways - to detect the water leakage, to check the pressure, to know the current and future status of processes, the pH factor of water after desalination process or the workflow management.

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